Additional release notes, friday, 05/04/2019 (v1.9)


Additional release notes, friday, 05/04/2019 (v1.9)

An additional set of release notes, because of the launch of version 1.9 of the Scheme, together with the release of the production environment of iSHARE.

In version 1.9 of the iSHARE Scheme, the following has been added or updated:

  • RFC010 has passed; the generic authorization flow for the H2M-interactions have been added.

    • The technical specifications for the H2M authorizaion flow have been added to the Developer Portal
    • The use cases for H2M interactions have been updated in the iSHARE Scheme
    • The role description of Identity Providers and Authority Registries have been adapted to reflect the fact that human authorisations are now registered at the Identity Provider, instead of the Authorisation Registry
  • RFC011 has passed; the technical specification of the /capabilities endpoint has been updated at the Developer Portal

  • A number of technical specifications have been moved from the Scheme to the Developer Portal to improve readability and usability of both

  • Information on the iSHARE Foundation has been added to the Scheme.

  • Small textual adaptions

Additionally, for the Developer Portal, there have been a change in structure and naming of the pages so to improve guidance on the portal.

Furthermore, the production environment is live as of April 1th, as was previously mentioned.

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