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Release notes monday, 18/02/2019

Release notes monday, 18/02/2019

Changes on test environment

  • /trusted_list endpoint now functional. Returns a list of CAs that are trusted in iSHARE. For the iSHARE Test environment, these are just the iSHARE Test CAs. In production environment, this would be PKIoverheid and eIDAS-qualified CAs.
  • /parties endpoint has been altered. It no longer returns the full list of parties (this would strain the server too much for its purpose). Instead, there are 4 parameters which enables search functionality and validity checks for iSHARE Parties. The 4 parameters are: name, eori, certified_only and active_only.


  • /generate-jws will change in the foreseeable future. We have improved how the Scheme Owner handles certificates, which makes it necessary to change this endpoint. Some may still rely on this endpoint to create valid client_assertionts. However we advise to create client_assertions locally, using a suitable library from, as it is bad practice to share private keys (even from test certificates). If you have issues with creating your own JWTs locally, feel free to ask for help on this forum!