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Release notes, thursday, 25/04/2019

Release notes, thursday, 25/04/2019

In this update, I’d like to let you know how we have already improved our services using the feedback from the Tech-celerator event and what we plan to do in the future.

  • First, we heard your call for more examples and more demo content loud and clear. We went through the developer portal and added examples of requests and responses to the API documentation, and made sure that the demo content was a bit easier to find then it used to be.

  • We also created a small Python package with basic functionalities and added it to our Github. We hope to add more code snippets in the near future, but are limited in resources to do so. We encourage you as well to share your iSHARE code on the Github, as we think that is one of the quickest ways to improve ease of implementation. If you’d like to do so, let me know!

  • On this forum you can also post your ideas, suggestions, questions with regards to implementing iSHARE or the content on our websites. If you’d like to leave feedback, you can do so here!

  • In the future, we hope to use your feedback to create more demo content and add these to the Developer Portal.

In the coming time, we hope to create some more demo content based on your feedback and will let you know through the forum! If you have any comments, questions or feedback, let us know in this topic!