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Release notes v1.10, friday, 24/06/2019

Version 1.10 of the iSHARE Scheme has been released. The following has been added or updated:


  • Updated the functional requirements for Certified Parties (references to eHerkenning have been removed and replaced by relevant requirements)


  • Updated the process for verifying eIDAS certificates (now uses the same process as PKI-Overheid certificates)
  • Added level of assurance to the Party Info endpoint at the Scheme Owner (for Certified Parties)
  • Clarified the use of acr_values in the H2M flow to request a minimal level of assurance
  • Clarified the headers used for JWE in the H2M flow


  • Updated the admission process for Certified Parties, including the following changes:
    • Admission to eHerkenning is no longer required
    • Added the concept of Levels of Assurance for Certified Parties
    • Added the Assessment Framework for Certified Parties to determine the Level of Assurance of a Certified Party


  • Updated the terms of use to reflect the usecase where the Entitled Party is not an iSHARE Adhering Party, but is a customer of an iSHARE Service Provider