Release notes, wednesday, 13/03/2019


Release notes, wednesday, 13/03/2019

Demo content:

  • We have added demo content with regards to End-2-End flows. Two full End-2-End flows are now available on the developer portal which demonstrate exactly which API calls need to be made in a demo use case. The demo content consists of slides that visualise the flow and Postman collections that contain these API calls in a flow. You can find both here on the developer portal.
  • Videos that accompany these slides will be provided shortly. These videos go through the slides and postman collection and give commentary on what is happening in the flow.
  • If you have feedback on this demo content, or feel that you need different demo content, please let us know in this topic! We do our best to match our demo content with the community‚Äôs needs.

Technical changes:

  • As announced in an earlier update, the generate-jws endpoint has been changed. The new specs for generate-jws can be found here. The postman collections that used the old generate-jws endpoints have been updated and can be found here.
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